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Pre-arranged funerals in the Blue Mountains

Our accredited staff will help you make all arrangements.

Lessen the burden

When family members and loved ones pass away, it can be a stressful, confusing time. Planning your own funeral in advance can relieve some of the burden. They can focus on moving forward through the grieving process instead of planning and paying for funeral arrangements.
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Avoid confusion & stress

Many friends & family members never discuss their funeral before they die. This often leads to confusion or even arguments over how you would want to be remembered. You can avoid unnecessary dramas and stress by pre-arranging funeral services. Our staff will help you take care of everything you need to make death easier for friends & family.

Personalised services

No one knows you better than yourself. We ensure funeral services are unique for each person and match their wishes & personality. Whether you want to leave personalised messages for those attending or choose special music, we can accommodate any request you have.
Plan ahead for your family.
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