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To some mourners, a viewing is most important. It can be due to religious beliefs, or it can allow you to acknowledge the reality of the death and gives you the opportunity to say your goodbyes.

The decision to have a viewing is an individual one. Mourners should not be prevented from having a viewing, nor should they be forced to attend one. It is important to decide who you would like to attend a viewing. It could include family, close friends or both. If you deny someone close to the deceased the chance to have a viewing, it may prevent the person/s from moving forward with their grieving process.

Orders of service, bookmarks & thank you cards

At Brownjohn Family Funerals, we pride ourselves on the high quality and standards of special keepsakes for family and friends. These come in many different forms—any idea you have can generally be accommodated. 

An order of service (booklet) has a photo of the deceased on the front page along with their name, date of birth, date of death and information regarding the place and time of the funeral. The booklet comes in A5 size (which is an A4 sheet of paper folded in half), you can add extra sheets to fit more photos, poems, etc. if required. The second page of the booklet usually has the outlay of the proceedings (order) of the service. The third page could be used for a poem or photos. The back page usually contains a thank you section for people attending, wake details (if applicable) and photos.

Some people would rather have something they can use after the service on a day to day basis, so we offer customised bookmarks. These are a great idea and usually have a photo of the deceased, their name, date of birth, date of death and service details. On the back of the bookmark, you can have a poem or simply leave it blank—the decision is entirely yours.

The people organising the funeral can often be overwhelmed with the support they receive following the passing of their loved one in the way of cards, flowers, donations, etc., and they like to send out thank you cards for showing their appreciation. We can also design and print these for you to distribute.

Canvas print of framed photo

At Brownjohn Family Funerals, we are honoured to be able to offer you the opportunity to have your favourite photo of your loved one printed on canvas and framed for the funeral. This is a beautiful keepsake, and if you require more prints for others, this can also be organised. Alternatively, we can frame your favourite photo for you.

Wake arrangements

Most people like to organise to meet up with the people who have taken the time to attend the funeral. This is traditionally known as a wake. At Brownjohn Family Funerals we can do all of the arrangements for you. We will discuss what venue would suit you and your family, taking into account a number of people you will be expecting, menu options and pricing.

You will also be offered the opportunity to place the wake onto the invoice, which is one less thing you have to worry about, or you may prefer to finalise the bill for yourself at the venue.

Special tributes

If the deceased has been a member of the Australian military, the family may request an RSL Tribute that includes the laying of poppies for the family and ex-servicemen. We will also supply an Australian Flag which will be placed over the coffin/casket.

Other tributes the families may request include Masonic, Rotary, Legacy and Rural Fire Brigade. If you request a special tribute we can make all of the arrangements for you or we can assist you with information.


Many people like to request donations to an organisation or group in lieu of floral tributes, envelopes can be provided so people can make a contribution to your nominated organisation if they desire. Brownjohn Family Funerals can forward the donations for you or guests may prefer to send it themselves.

Spiritual, cultural & religious requirements

Brownjohn Family Funerals understands that due to people’s culture, spiritual beliefs & religious beliefs, it may be necessary to carry out specific ceremonies before, during or after a funeral service. We will do our best to understand your needs and make arrangements to accommodate them.

Births, deaths & marriages

When making funeral arrangements, we are required by law to obtain information about the deceased for the Death Certificate. Listed below is a list of questions we ask. If you do not know, we will indicate with “Unknown”.
  • First name
  • Other name(s)
  • Last name
  • Last name at birth
  • Date of birth
  • Residential address
  • Place of birth
  • Date of arrival in Australia (if applicable)
  • Usual occupation during working life
  • Main tasks usually performed in that occupation
  • Retired
  • On a pension
  • Type of pension
  • Marriage(s) (from most recent to oldest), including place of marriage, age when married & spouse’s name/s
    (including surname at the date of marriage).
  • Children’s name(s) and dates of birth, from oldest to youngest
  • Parents’ names (including surname at the time of birth) and usual occupation
    (including main tasks performed) during working life.
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